About Us

Established in 2021.
Our business specializes in flavorings that will WOW your pallet!! From 1st Glance To Last Bite You Will Experience "Exceptional Taste"
Fleur De Flavor started out as Sweet Treats Sugar Shack in 2019 as a cottage food business. It wasn't long before our flavor line took off throughout the cottage food industry. The speedy take-off and high demand prompted us to Re-Brand into Fleur De Flavor and take the business to a commercial level. Fleur De Flavor is now in bakery supply stores across the U.S. including Walmart.com
Meet the Business Owner
I (Scheraine), the owner of Fleur De Flavor, have always had a passion for baking and treat making since a young child (in the kitchen with grandma)! I have always baked (hosted baked sales) to raise monies for families of critically ill patients, etc. During COVID-19, I decided to leave my 25 years in the medical field to start baking full -time. During baking, I was experimenting with flavors. I ended up creating my own flavor line, which is now Fleur De Flavor. Bride's Cake is my Signature Flavor and is a MUST TRY!! Enjoy :)