Fleur De Flavor Bakery Emulsions Natural

Fleur De Flavor "Natural" Bakery Emulsions

Are just that, NATURAL! Made with all natural ingredients. Satisfy your taste buds with the BEST of the BEST Flavor!! Our Bakery Emulsions are water-based flavors that won’t bake out like traditional alcohol-based extracts. Unlike extracts, there is no need to add extra to get your desired flavor. Not recommended for chocolate.

Suggested Use: 1 tsp or to your own preference

gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO
TIP: Customers often ask if the aroma and taste of our Bakery Emulsion Flavorings are accurate when tasted straight from the bottle. The answer is no! These are unsweetened, highly concentrated formulas that are meant to be diluted. We always encourage starting with a smaller amount to make sure a particular flavor is right for you. 
Fleur De Flavor
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Fleur De Flavor
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Fleur De Flavor
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